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Rev. David

Pastor Emeritus & Founder of Open Door Bible Baptist Church

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our church history

The history of Open Door Bible Baptist Church begins with a woman and her flower garden back in the 1940s. Isabella Rose Garnett lived on and gardened the land that Open Door sits on today. She used to pray for her children and grandchildren to come to Christ and serve Him as she weeded her garden. Fast-forward to 1986 and you'll find Pastor David Garnett, her grandson, establishing the Open Door Bible Baptist Church in a small gym in Lisbon Falls. A few years later, Open Door would break ground on 26 Gartley Street, right where Isabella Rose Garnett's garden used to be.

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This ministry has existed since 1986 by the power of God and of prayer. Pastor Garnett served as the pastor of Open Door for 36 years before retiring in May of 2022. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people have attended the worship services in the elegant auditorium of Open Door and countless souls have been pointed to Christ. Today, most of the Garnett family has attended as members or is attending as a member of Open Door. What a wonderful legacy of faith and service God has used this family to be over the years of ministry in Lisbon, Maine. We thank God and give Him all the glory!

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